Rounds 4-8

If you've made it this far, give yourself a high five:

You've made it past the hard part – figuring out the motions and following a pattern. For the next few rounds, you'll keep on practicing the sc and inc stitches:

Round 4: 2 inc, 4 sc, inc x 4, 4 sc, 2 inc  (24)
Round 5: 8 sc, inc x 8, 8 sc  (32)
Round 6: 14 sc, inc x 4, 14 sc  (36)
Round 7-8: 36 sc  (36)

Right vs. wrong side

Your piece probably started curling. If you want what's called the "right" side of your piece to face out, flip it inside out, and keep on crocheting to the left: