The lid

The rest of this Tiny Christmas Present ain't nothin' you haven't seen before. If you need a refresher on anything, just click on the links:

Round 1: start 8 sc in a magic loop  (8)
Round 2: [(in the same stitch: sc, ch 2, sc), sc] x 4  (20)
Round 3: sc, [(in the chain space: sc, ch 2, sc), 3 sc] x 3, [in the chain space: sc, ch 2, sc], 2 sc  (28)

Not sure how to do Round 3? We gotchu! Here's a video for you.

Round 4: 2 sc blo, dec blo, (5 sc blo, dec blo) x 3, 3 sc blo  (24)

Invisible fasten off and weave in the yarn tail. Put the lid on the box.