Rounds 8-9 & changing colors

Now that you've got the hang of crocheting, let's learn how to change colors.

Keep going with the brown yarn to crochet round 8, but pause and watch the video below before you do the last inc of round 8:

Round 8: [6 sc, inc] x 3 (24)
Round 9: (switch to green) 24 sc blo* (24)

*blo means back loop only. That means to put your hook only under the far side of the horizontal V instead of both sides of the V. Check out the picture of a back loop here.

Did you catch that? Even though the pattern says to switch colors in round 9, you actually need to introduce the green yarn in the last step of the last stitch of round 8. So for the last stitch of the inc in round 8, do the final yarn over and pull through in green yarn. Crochet the rest of the turtle shell in green.