The mane

Ready to turn your house cat into a lion? 

To make the mane, we're going to flex those crochet skills and crochet in straight lines - AKA rows. That's why crochet patterns for straight things talk about rows instead of rounds: 

Row 1:
ch 39
Row 2:
sl st in second ch from hook, 37 sl st, ch 8, turn (46)
Row 3:
sl st in next unworked sl st from row 2,
[ch 8, sl st in next st] x 37

Don't know what any of that means? Watch the whole mane come together below:

When you're done, fasten off with a long tail. Sew it in a circle under the lion's snout and behind his ears, and voila!

Hooray, you dun it! 

And there ya have it, your very own woobly lion! Join the pride!

Every Wooble comes out a little bit different, and that's part of their charm. Tag us on Instagram @thewoobles, so we can ooooh and aaaaah at your woobly wonder. 

Now that you know how to crochet, you can make Sebastian the Lion again and again by following the pattern.

Until we meet again, wooble on!

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