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Wonderful, detailed and not too hard

This is a great kit that comes with everything you need. The videos are super helpful and break everything down so that it is easy to follow. I had attempted crocheting once before and it had been a failure. With this kit I was able to make this adorable penguin without much trouble.
I did the embroidered eyes so that I could give it to my nephew.

The cutest!

I very much enjoyed this kit which I did after finishing the penguin (so there were some steps I already knew). The videos and explanations were extremely helpful and a great resource to refer to for future projects. The only part that was slightly harder was embroidering the nose, maybe not fast forwarding the instructions would help understand better. The tail in the picture is my addition 🦁
I made 2 lions, gave one to a friend and she loved it!

The start of a new hobby

I was a total beginner when I bought this kit and now I'm crocheting baby blankets and granny squares. I did feel like the tutorial jumped a step on how to read sequences, I had to ask a friend how to read something like (5sc, 1 inc), which seems obvious now but had me very stumped at the time and going back in the tutorial to see if there was something I missed. I also found the yarn very scratchy and my finger felt like it had a little rope burn after a long session, it also became hard to see the stitches on stretches of the yarn that I had made mistakes on and re-worked a lot.

Overall, I really enjoyed this little project and was very chuffed at myself for how it turned out.

First time crocheting and had so much fun

I am so proud of myself for doing this!
Instructions were super easy to follow and final result is just the cutest thing ever! Already bought more kits, think I might have found a new hobby ☺️

Cute and a nice starter

I have not crochet before and this kit was a nice starter kit! It had everything I needed. Videos were very helpful and the final product came out great! I may have added an extra round of single stitches by mistake, but still came out cute!

I can't believe i did this!

This kit was everything I wished for! The instructions were super clear and easy to follow. All the materials are of excellent quality and the finished product is the cutest thing ever.

I've already ordered more kits. Thanks to Pierre the Penguin I think I have found a new hobby and can't wait to create more creatures.

I finally learned to crochet!

I have tried so many times to learn to crochet. I’ve watched you tube videos and used books with no luck! This kit and the tutorials were amazing. I have now learned to crochet (at least as a beginner). This little penguin was perfect! I am so proud of myself! Just ordered my next patterns. The fox and the lion both!

Cutest bear ever!!

Loved the pattern!!

This little penguin brought me so much pandemic joy!

I had so much fun learning to crochet and making this little guy. The kit came with everything I needed. I really appreciated having the first magic circle done and stitch markers added to help me learn to see the stitches. I followed along with the step by step videos and it came out lovely! I’ve already ordered the Fox pattern to keep learning!

Great way to learn how to crochet!

Support an independant business and learn how to crochet! I loved creating the little penguin, even though I completely destroyed the beginner piece within a few hours of receiving it. I watched their tutorial videos and got back on track, and ended up with an adorable penguin. Thanks for teaching me a new skill during this pandemic, and for keeping me sane!

Very rewarding!

I’ve tried to learn to crochet and it never really clicked, but this really worked! I had to undo and redo parts several times, but the clear & encouraging directions kept me from giving up. I also really appreciate that it teaches how to read crochet abbreviations and patterns! Even when I kinda learned before, I was still clueless when it came to reading patterns and it was so overwhelming. This broke it all down so nicely! :) I think my crochet is on the looser side so I ran out of thread before the tail, but the extra pink thread was just as cute, I think!

So fun and easy to follow!

Ive always wanted to try this and had failed trying to teach myself, but this kit and the instructions were perfect. Cannot wait to do more little guys! Also, if you need animals to add, I am an avid elephant collector... hint hint 😊

Adorable, Great for Beginners!

I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to anything craft-related, so this kit was just what I needed to get started! The instructions and accompanying videos are incredibly easy to follow! It was super helpful to learn how to fix mistakes too (definitely made a handful of them!). Definitely picked up a new hobby, will be continuing my crochet journey!

Confidence building project.

I tried learning to crochet 10 years ago, but only used written instructions and couldn’t figure out the photos. Woobles has the perfect set of instructional videos with great pacing to teach the basics of amigurami crochet. I’ve completed the bunny, the lion and the fox, gaining confidence with each successful project.


Everything about this was really nice --
The learning materials are very thoughtful and well organized - videos, step by step online guide and pdf.
The bag is also very thoughtfully packed and well organized and the hook provided was comfortable.

Sparked a New Hobby

I absolutely LOVED learning to crochet with this kit. Before this I had only every crocheted a straight line. I sat down with this on a rainy day and finished within a handful of hours. The instructions were so easy to follow, even with ZERO background knowledge, and it was even easy to learn how to backtrack when mistakes were made. I will definitely be making more little penguins and ordering more kits in the future! Seriously impressed, bravo.

great fun

For a first timer project it was totally awesome
Learn tons and your video instruction are amazing
keep up the great work in helping us divert our attention

Penguin with no eyes or wings.

I’m loving the penguin pattern! He doesn’t have eyes or wings yet, but I’m very thankful for the videos that help along the way! The only issue I had was that the starting ring was too loose for my stitches with the 4mm hook so I went up to a 5mm and it made it a little bigger than intended, but I’m ok with that!
By the way, the pics downloaded in a crazy order! It was in progressive order.

Highly Recommend!!!

I am obsessed with my little Fox!

The videos made learning how to crochet super easy to follow along. Especially if you have ever tried latch hooking, it’s a logical progression.

At no point did I feel like I didn’t know what to do. I made a few mistakes but nothing rewinding the video and rewatching couldn’t fix!

It was such a calming activity, perfect for self-care time!

The hardest part is deciding which one to do next!

Great kit to build on your skills!

Ok, so I didn’t quite follow the pattern for the ears (patterns are just a suggestion, right?) and my embroidery skills need some work... But I’m super happy with my hippo! This is only my third crochet project, but everyone says my stitches are really good :) I had a moment of panic when I ran out of yarn with 20 rounds yet to go, but the Woobles team were there to help me out.

A good increase in complexity over the 'Beginner' pieces.

The base foundational skills I took the time learning on the Chick kit were put to great use here and as a 'Beginner+' kit, it expanded on those skills. I feel like it was more involved but even if I had never touched a crochet hook before, I feel I could have done well if I paid attention to all of the instructional videos and took my time. The mane was the trickiest part, but I liked learning the new skills!

Super fun, just like the first one. I will absolutely be buying more kits, the only question is which one next. I can't decide! They're all so cute and I'm confident that whatever I pick, I will have awesome instructions to support me in my crochet learning journey!


So cute. I added a lil hat:)

Cute and easy to follow

So cute and the instructions were very helpful and thorough. This was my first time crocheting anything. I will admit my first attempt didn’t come out perfect but was great practice and my second one was much better. Half way through my second kit! Definitely recommend if you want to learn something new.

Adorable Fox!

This is my third Woobles crochet kit and my third time crocheting something. The fox turned out really great. I would recommend starting with the penguin or lion if you’ve never crocheted before. The fox is definitely a bit more challenging. I think I’m ready for intermediate kits!

Loved it!

Wanted to learn something new this year instead of just reading all the time so I ordered this. Loved it! The videos were key. So easy to understand and follow. Resolution fulfilled. Now what’s next? :)