Rounds 2-10

The rest of the body ain't nothin' you haven't seen before. If you need a refresher on anything, just click on the links:

Round 2: inc (4)
Round 3:
[sc, inc] x 4
Round 4:
[inc, 2 sc] x 4
Rounds 5-6:
16 sc
Round 7:
[3 sc, inc] x 4
Round 8:
[dec, 2 sc] x 5

Stuff the body with the yellow yarn. Wait what? Did you read that right? Yep, yep you did. You'll only need a forearm's length of yarn for the beak, so cut that off and set it aside. Use the rest of the yellow yarn to stuff the body.

Round 9:
[sc, dec] x 5
Round 10:
5 dec

Fasten off leaving a long tail. Use the needle to pull the yarn tail through the front loops of each stitch. Pull tight to close the remaining gap.