The tail

Ready for some #nextlevel techniques?

Good answer. Get ready to learn how to change colors. First take a look at the pattern to see where you're going:

Round 1:
With white yarn, 4 sc in magic loop
Round 2:
inc x 4 (8)
Round 3:
Switch to orange yarn, 8 sc
Round 4:
[sc, inc] x 4
Round 5:
12 sc
Round 6:
[sc, dec] x 4
Round 7-8:
8 sc

And then watch this tutorial on how to change colors:

When you're done, fasten off with a long tail. Stuff halfway. Sew the tail onto the back and slightly to the side, so that the tail can be seen when you look at the fox from the front. The tail should span rounds 12 & 13.