Rounds 3-5

For the next three rounds:

Round 3: (sc blo, dec blo, 2 sc blo) x 4   (16)
Rounds 4-5: 16sc  (16)

Surprise! New abbreviation alert! Meet blo, which means "back loop only."

What's a back loop, you ask? The back loop is the side of the horizontal V that's further away from you. So instead of putting your hook under the entire horizontal V, put it only under the side of the V further away from you like this:

hook under back loop only

The invisible decrease stitch, which is what we normally do for amigurumi, can be tricky to do in back loops only so we recommend doing a regular decrease stitch instead. Watch how to do the regular decrease here:

Invisible fasten off and weave in the yarn tail. Lightly stuff the piece.