How to make a slip knot

Make a slip knot to start flat crochet pieces, otherwise known as crocheted in rows.

Step-by-step photos

Yarn in the shape of the number 4

1. Make a loop with the yarn, with the tail on top of the working yarn.

Yarn in the shape of the number 4 with left thumb and pointer finger under it

2. Put your index finger and thumb in a pinching gesture under the loop.

Left thumb and pointer finger through the loop, picking up the working yarn in a pinch grip

3. Put your fingers through the loop and pick up the working yarn. Pull it through the loop.

Completed slip knot

4. Keep a hold on the yarn, and with your other hand, pull on the yarn tail until a knot forms.

Slip knot on hook

5. Place the slip knot on your hook, with the working behind the hook.