Poppi the Hippo Kit

Woobles Poppit the Hippo Pattern

1. Check your materials

Woobles Poppi the hippo supplies

Here’s what’s in your kit:

  1. 2mm hook (if you paid the additional charge)
  2. Poly-fil stuffing
  3. 8mm safety eyes
  4. Stitch marker
  5. Tapestry needle
  6. Purple sport-weight cotton yarn
  7. Pink sport-weight cotton yarn

You’ll also need scissors to cut your yarn, and you may want to use pins to plan where exactly you want to attach the various amigurumi pieces.

2. Download the pattern

Get the instructions for Poppi the Hippo.

3. Watch the tutorials

Crocheting Poppi's legs can get a little tricky, so watch these videos to see how to make each of her legs and sew the gap in between. All Woobles intermediate patterns use the same technique for the legs, which is why the video shows a bear instead of a hippo:

Poppi's ears involve alternating between two colors. Watch this tutorial to learn how to change colors throughout a round.

Poppi's snout is made by creating an oval. For folks who're new to this technique, here's a video:

And there comes a point where you'll need to do a new stitch, abbreviated dc5tog. This is shorthand for "double crochet 5 stitches together", also known as a bobble stitch:

Lastly, most amigurumi have fixed arms, but one of the signature traits of a Wooble are their wide-swinging arms! Here's a video on how to attach movable arms to any amigurumi:

For more stitches and techniques, check out all of our tutorials

Left-handed? We've got you too.

Got stuck? Send us an email at help@thewoobles.com.

4. Share your progress

We love seeing the Woobles that people create. Tag us on Instagram @thewoobles, so we can cheer you on!