Rounds 1-5

To make the cone, there ain't nothin' here you haven't seen before.

Round 1: start 4 sc in a magic loop (4)
Round 2: [sc, inc] x 2 (6)
Round 3: 6 sc (6)
Round 4: [inc, 2 sc] x 2 (8)
Round 5: [3 sc, inc] x 2 (10)

Stuff the piece with yarn scraps, shaping it like a cone. Fasten off leaving a long tail. Thread a tapestry needle with the yarn tail. Attach the cone to the scoop under the drips, centered beneath the scoop, and hide the yarn tails:

Hooray, you dun it! 

Celebrate with a delicious scoop of ice cream.

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And now that you know how to make this ice cream, you can give all of your Woobles a wee woobly treat by following the pattern.

Until we meet again, wooble on!

ice cream gif