Fixing mistakes

👋 Left-handed? Check out the lefty tutorials here.

When you're learning to crochet, it's always hardest in the beginning. When you hit a bump, just try, try again! Oftentimes it's just one tiny little detail that's in between you and non-stop wooblin'. Once you can make just one stitch, you're most of the way there.


  • Take a break
  • Watch the videos again and again, paying attention to a different detail each time. It's amazing how one small detail – the size of the loop on your hook, where exactly your fingers should be – can change everything.
  • If you find yourself totally lost, reach out to us at with a photo of where you're at and what you need help with. We promise we'll get you wooblin' on your way.

Having a hard time making a stitch?

Watch this video for 6 tips to pull yarn through stitches more easily. It covers the most common issues we've heard from beginner Wooblers:

  • How to stop your hook from getting snagged
  • How to make looser stitches
  • How to keep the working yarn on your hand

Fix the pre-started piece

The piece that came with your kit was a magic loop with 6 single crochet stitches in it.

Once you have 6 single crochet stitches in the magic loop again, you can make it impossible to take out the pre-started piece in the future.

Undo stitches

Want to undo a stitch? Do it slowly and carefully so you don't accidentally take out more than you meant to

Have the wrong number of stitches?

It means you either skipped a stitch or put too many stitches somewhere in the round. There's two things you could do to sort yourself out:

  1. If you're the type of person who peels band-aids off nice and slow, then you can undo your stitches sloooowly to track down where you made the mistake.
  2. More of a band-aid-ripper-offer? If you used a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of your round, you can undo all of your stitches until you get back to the first stitch of the round.