Getting started

two peas in a pod materials

Here’s what’s in your kit:

  1. 4mm crochet hook (if you paid for it)
  2. Stitch marker attached to green yarn
  3. Tapestry needle
  4. 10mm safety eyes
  5. Stuffing
  6. White yarn
  7. Pink yarn
  8. Black yarn
  9. Green yarn, with some stitches already made and a stitch marker attached

    You might not know yet what all these materials are for, but fret not, it will all be revealed soon. The only other things you’ll need are scissors, and you’re good to go!

    Pre-started crochet piece

    To get you right into the thick of things, your kit came pre-started for you. Because this pre-started piece is one of the trickiest techniques in crochet, keep it together until you're more confident in your crochet skills. Watch the video to set things up so that you can't unravel your pre-started piece.

    What you need to know to wooble