The flame

To make the flame, you'll use the same technique as you'd use to crochet an oval, but with slightly different stitches:

In written format, that's:

Round 1.  ch 5  (5)
Round 2. sl st, hdc, sc, sl st, ch 1. Rotate the piece to work on other side of the foundation chain. sl st, sc, hdc, sl st. sl st into the first stitch of round 2.  (9)

Fasten off leaving a long tail. Thread a needle with the tail; then use it to sew the flame to the center top of the cake. Weave in the other yarn tail.

Hooray, you dun it! 

Celebrate by having a piece of cake with your Woobles! 😉

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And now that you know how to make this birthday cake, you can celebrate birthdays in amazingly woobly style from now on by following the pattern.

Until we meet again, wooble on!

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