So much more than crochet

Wanna hear our secret? Wooblin’ isn’t just about crochet. Sure, we’ve helped countless crochet newbies create thousands of adorable plushies. But even better is the joy and confidence that comes from learning something new.


Our story

It all began when Justine got promoted at work. She became a manager, which seemed great until she realized she sucked at it. Trying crochet was actually a way of getting her mind off things. But to her surprise, she started feeling a woobly sense of pride as she remembered she could still learn new things, like how to make cute stuff—or become a better manager. Or even start a company in the middle of a pandemic.

Full Wooble ahead

Since founding The Woobles in 2020, wife-and-husband team Justine and Adrian have appeared on Shark Tank, published a book, and become the go-to kit for learning how to crochet. Best of all? They’ve taught over half a million beginners a lifelong skill, with kits that make sure everyone—especially newbies—have a yarn good time.

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