Inside the Wonderful World of The Woobles - Meet Justine

When we first founded The Woobles 2.5 years ago, we had no idea that it would become such a success. Now, The Woobles has an incredible community of Wooblers who inspire us daily. To celebrate this fantastic group of people, we’ve decided to give you a glimpse into our woobly world with our new March Meet the Maker series, where each week we’ll be shining a spotlight on one of our incredible Wooblers. We’re starting off with none other than our Chief Woobler, Justine!

What got you hooked on crochet? (Specifically, WHY did you decide to try crocheting?)

I wanted to give my friend a super unique gift, and thought, “What’s more unique than something handmade?” So I went off and learned how to crochet a penguin plushie. I brought it into work for a photo shoot and felt so encouraged by everyone’s reactions to my cute lumpy misshapen penguin that I knew I had to make MOAAAAR!

How did you come across The Woobles? What encouraged you to try it out?

By inventing it! People would look at the plushies I crocheted and say, “Aw, that’s cute, but I could never make that.” As someone who was going through some all-time mental health lows at the time, I was tired of hearing people (including myself) doubt themselves. And so I said, “Challenge accepted.” A few years later, here we are.

What’s your favorite Wooble?

Gasp. That’s like asking me who my favorite child is! But lucky for you, I’m not a mom (yet) ;) I’ve got a real soft spot for Fred the Dino, mostly because I like to constantly yell out, “Don’t worry, he’s most armless!”

A photo of Chief Woobler at the Woobles, Justine Tiu with an amigurumi dinosaur behind her on a pink backdrop

What do you do with your finished crochet projects?

Turn them into crochet kits :P But really, the actual finished Woobles get sent to our photographer so they can be shot in their best light. Or travel around with me so they can experience the world.

A photo of an amigurumi turtle plushie with a beach and ocean in the background

Or get gifted to babies that seem to be popping up a lot more in my life lately. When they’re not off doing one of these glamorous things, they live a good life on my Woobles wall.

Penguin, dinosaur and cat amigurumi plushies on a table with two glasses of beer

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about trying to learn to crochet?

You never know if you can do something unless you try! I’ve heard thousands of people say they weren’t sure they could crochet, only to show off their finished Wooble a few days later. I’m obviously biased, so if you don’t believe me, check out our Facebook group and ask the community yourself!

It's been a treat to learn more about Justine and The Woobles. Check back next week, when we’ll be shining the spotlight on another one of our amazing Wooblers. In the meantime, if you want to keep up with all things Woobles, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. If you’re interested in learning to crochet, try out one of our beginner-friendly learn-to-crochet kits - the perfect way to get started crafting some awesome plushies!

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A pinnable image of Chief Woobler, Justine, with a dinosaur amigurumi plushie behind her on a pink backdrop

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