Row 3

There's quite a few new abbreviations in this row, but don't worry - just have a gourd time! These stitches are simple and a great addition to your crochet stitch tool chest.

Let's start with ch 1 and turn. To be able to keep crocheting once you hit the end of the row 2, you'll need to do what's called a chain 1 and turn, abbreviated "ch 1 and turn":

Next, meet blo, which means "back loop only." All of the stitches for the body are worked in the back loops only. What's a back loop, you ask? The back loop is the side of the horizontal V that's further away from you. So instead of putting your hook under the entire horizontal V, put it only under the side of the V further away from you like this:

Lastly, you'll learn how to skip stitch, abbreviated "sk st." For this row, you'll need to skip 2 stitches when you typically work into the next available stitch. This creates the hole in your piece.

The rest of the row ain't nothin' you haven't seen before. If you need a refresher on anything, just click on the links:

Row 3: ch 1 and turn, sc in the second ch from the hook, 4 sc, 4 hdc, ch 2, 2 sk st, 4 hdc, 5 sc (20)

After you're done, your piece should look like this: