How to single crochet increase

An increase stitch is two single crochet stitches in the same hole.It’s a great way to add extra stitches to your project. Increasing and decreasing the number of these stitches gives each amigurumi piece its unique shape.

How to crochet an increase stitch (step-by-step with photos)

1. Make the first sc by following steps 1–4 of the single crochet stitch.
2. Look for the hole that the first sc went into. It’s the hole that the bottom of the vertical V you just made goes into.
3. Insert the hook into the hole.4. Follow steps 2–4 of the single crochet stitch. The bottoms of the two vertical Vs you just made should trace back into the same hole.


Having trouble figuring out what hole you just crocheted into? Do the “tugging method.” Hold onto the piece with your yarn hand and keep it steady. Hold the top loops of the stitch you just made with your right hand,and wiggle that hand around to see which hole shrinks and grows with the movement.

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