Can complete beginners do your kits?

Can kids do your kits?

Can lefties do your kits?

What comes with a kit?

I'm a complete beginner. Which kit is the best one to start with?

Do I need a hook to crochet?

What is the yarn in your kits made of?

I bought a kit. Where's the pattern and tutorials for it?

Why don't your kits come with a printed pattern?

How soon do your kits ship?

Where can I buy Woobles patterns?

What comes with a pattern?

Can I sell finished items made from your patterns?

Where can I buy your kits?

What’s your shipping policy?

What’s your return policy?

What is amigurumi?

Can complete beginners do your kits?

Yes! In fact, The Woobles exist to spread the love of crochet, which is why the beginner kits are made for complete 100% crochet beginners. Here’s some beginner-friendly things included in each kit:

  • All the materials you need to complete 1 stuffed toy
  • A step-by-step guide with video tutorials that shows you everything starting from how to hold a hook and yarn, to getting through your first few stitches in the kit
  • A pre-started crochet piece, so you can jump right into practicing the main techniques
  • More video and photo tutorials at thewoobles.com/tutorials
  • Personalized support. If you have any questions, just take a photo of your piece and explain your situation to help@thewoobles.com

Can kids do your kits?

It’s the answer we all dread – it depends. Some factors that affect how easily a child can learn how to crochet are: how much they dabble in arts and crafts already, how much hand eye coordination they have, and how well they can learn physical skills from either video or photo + written content. Kids as young as 8 have successfully made toys with The Woobles kits!

Can lefties do your kits?

Yes! Every beginner kit comes with both right- and left-handed step-by-step guides, plus all of our tutorial videos are available for both righties and lefties.

What comes with a kit?

  • Pattern as a PDF digital download

  • Step-by-step guide with video tutorials that teach you how to crochet your Wooble

  • Enough yarn for 1 finished item

  • For beginner kits, the yarn comes pre-started so you can jump into learning the basic stitches
  • Enough Poly-fil for 1 finished item
  • 1 tapestry needle

  • 1 stitch marker

  • Safety eyes

  • 1 4.0mm crochet hook (for an extra charge)

  • 1 cotton drawstring bag to put everything in

You'll also receive unlimited support over email.

I'm a complete beginner. Which kit is the best one to start with?

The penguin is quite the popular Weeble, but really all of them are good for beginners. If you’d like to learn how to crochet flat things (like scarves and blankets), then we'd recommend any of the pea kits. If you’re quite content learning how to crochet anything in the round (like stuffed toys, hats, and baskets), any of the kits will do! If you're up for an extra challenge by learning how to change colors as well, try the fox.


Do I need a hook to crochet?

Yep! Please remember to select the “Hook” option when you checkout. Also note that the beginner and intermediate kits use different hook sizes.


What is the yarn in your kits made of?

All of the yarn in our kits are made from either 100% cotton or 100% acrylic yarn. This is because cotton and acrylic yarns hold their shape well over time, making them ideal for crocheting structured 3D objects like amigurumi, crochet stuffed toys.


I bought a kit. Where's the pattern and tutorials for it?

There should be a postcard in your kit. On it is a link to the pattern, step-by-step guide, and kit-specific video tutorials. Type that link into your browser* to download the pattern and access the step-by-step guide.

*If you see search results instead of a website, you may have typed the link into a search bar instead of an address bar. Unfortunately you won't be able to find the link from here, because pages are purposely hidden from search results. Make sure you click on the box at the top of your browser, and try adding http://www. in front of the link in your kit. It should look like http://www.thewoobles.com/XXX.


1. Most of our kits are for complete beginners, and we've heard from other newly minted crocheters that following online video tutorials is the easiest way to learn crochet. Therefore, we purposely encourage you to go online to watch the quick start and tutorial videos.

2. We ❤️ 🌳


How soon do your kits ship?

If you place an order before 7pm ET, it’ll be on its way to you by the next day. All kits, unless otherwise selected, are shipped through USPS First Class Mail. 

Where can I buy your kits?

The Woobles kits are available only at thewoobles.com or on Etsy.

Where can I buy Woobles patterns?

You can buy The Woobles patterns directly from thewoobles.com as well as on the following sites:

What comes with a pattern?

  • A PDF file of the pattern

  • Unlimited support over email

  • Permission to sell items in small quantities made with the pattern, as long as you give credit to The Woobles

You cannot use photos from The Woobles to sell your work. You are also not allowed to copy, reproduce, alter, publish or distribute The Woobles patterns in any way, including as part of your own designs.

Can I sell finished items made from your patterns?

Yep, but only in small quantities and if you give credit to The Woobles. You must also use your own photos to sell your work.

What's your shipping policy?

We currently ship only to the US and Canada. US orders over $45, and Canadian orders over $75 ship free. All orders are processed within 1-3 business days, and shipped through the US Postal Service. Read the full shipping policy here.

What's your return policy?

For physical goods, you have 14 days to return it from the date you received it. Shipping costs are non-refundable, and you'll be responsible for return shipping. To start a return, you must email returns@thewoobles.com

All pattern sales are final. No refund is offered once the file is sent or downloaded.

Read the full return policy here.


What is amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a Japanese word that describes small knitted or crocheted stuffed toys.