How to single crochet stitch (sc) for lefties

The single crochet stitch is the most basic crochet stitch, and is also the stitch used throughout most amigurumi – crochet softies. All other stitches are based on this one, so let’s work on your foundation!

How to do a single crochet stitch (step-by-step with photos)

1. Insert the hook under the top loops of the next
2. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through the stitch to
draw up a loop.
3. There should be two loops on the hook.4. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through both loops on
the hook. There should be one loop left on the hook.


If your hook gets stuck when you pull through loops, try:

  • Making looser loops
  • Checking if you’ve caught some extra yarn fibers in the hook
  • Pulling your hook in a direction more parallel to your work, to prevent your hook from getting snagged on something
  • Rotating the tip of your hook to face the bottom of your piece as you pull it through the loops

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