How to use safety eyes

Safety eyes are plastic bulbs that help give some character and life to your amigurumi, crochet stuffed toys. Safety eyes are easy to attach but difficult to remove. They come in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes. They’re measured in millimeters, which represent the diameter of the eye.

Safety eyes aren’t safe for children younger than 3 years old, or pets. If you don’t want to use safety eyes, simply embroider them on instead.

Watch the video below for a demonstration on how to attach safety eyes securely.

How to attach safety eyes to your amigurumi (step-by-step with photos)

1. Safety eyes come with an eye and a backing.2. Make sure the “right side” of the piece is facing you. Insert the eye between two stitches.
3. On the inside of the piece, put the backing on the stem, flat side facing the yarn.
4. Push down on both sides of the backing to snap it into place. Push it far enough that it’s secure, but not so far that it distorts the piece.
5. Repeat steps 2–4 for the other eye. Count how many stitches away the second eye should be by counting the number of gaps that represent the space between stitches.


Before putting the backings on, put both safety eyes where the pattern instructs. Then adjust their placement if you think it could look better.

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