5 reasons this crochet kit is taking over homeschooling classes!

Discover why teachers are turning to the repetitive motions of crocheting to improve their students’ concentration (and grades)!

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“I am thrilled to say that my class has completely changed for the better - my students are developing patience and perseverance in a way I never thought possible.” 

- Joanna W., 6th Grade Teacher.

Why homeschooling parents are loving The Woobles


It increase their focus & concentration

By following crochet patterns and counting stitches, children can learn to focus their minds and tune out distractions, which can be beneficial in academic settings!

"My 12-year-old son loves the Easy Peasy Beginners Bundle! Learning to crochet has not only been a fun new hobby for him, but it has also improved his focus in other tasks. Highly recommend!"

- Stephanie K.


It develops their problem-solving skills

Children can feel confident and capable by learning a new skill, giving them the courage to engage in other problem-solving activities.


It reduces stress & anxiety

Crocheting involves repetitive movements and focusing on the present, which can help children feel more relaxed and centered.

“It’s so hard for kids to deal with all the anxieties and distractions they face in everyday world, and crocheting is such a meditative experience that brings them joy and peace of mind.” 

- Amanda W.


ZERO crochet experience is required

With its proprietary Easy Peasy yarn, step-by-step video tutorials, AND pre-started yarn - this kit was designed for ANYONE to be successful.


It boosts self-esteem & creativity

Completing a crochet project produces a sense of accomplishment and can be a powerful way to boost self-esteem and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety!

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1,500+ parents agree, crocheting works!

Best confidence booster!

“Fun video tutorials are easy for them to follow and I love seeing excitement in their eyes as their plushie comes together! What an amazing way to boost your kid’s confidence!"
- Alena H.

Resets focus for other subjects

“We are homeschoolers. I absolutely love that they include everything you need to complete the project (saves me a few trips to hobby lobby). I can see my son getting more confident and calm. We do this halfway through the day and this meditative experience resets his brain for new learnings”
- Tamara J.

Sweetest gift

“My granddaughter asked for crocheting kit for Christmas. I'd never heard of Woobles. And she's never crocheted before! But I got it for her and viola, she did an amazing job. Thanks for your kits with easy instructions and videos. I love seeing how hard she’s working and how proud she is of the results - cutest little creations!”
- Roza S.

Boost your kid’s confidence & focus
with our adorable crochet kits!

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The Zero To Hero Bundle 

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Easy Peasy yarn, custom-made for beginners

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Woobles included:

1 x Pierre the Penguin Beginner Kit

1 x Fred the Dinosaur Beginner+ Kit

1 x Gertrude the Llama Intermediate Kit



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What's included

• Easy Peasy yarn

• Step-by-step video instructions

• Unlimited support over email & text

• 4mm ergonomic crochet hook

• Plastic eyes

• Stuffing

• Tapestry needle

• Stitch marker

• Crochet pattern as a PDF download

“My daughter has always wanted to create a stuffy on her own. We have tried crocheting multiple times but could never quite figure it out. until we tried The Woobles! The video tutorials and easy-to-follow patterns taught us both how to crochet! Sophie already made 5 beginner Woobles and I just finished an intermediate Wooble today! 

 Kate J - Verified Buyer

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Pierre the Penguin Kit

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Easy Peasy yarn

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Fred the Dinosaur Kit

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Step-by-step video tutorials

Easy Peasy yarn

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Best for intermediates

Step-by-step video tutorials

Easy Peasy yarn

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The Woobles difference







Zero experience needed

Step-by-step videos

No-fray Easy Peasy yarn

Unlimited support over email & text


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Unleash your child's inner genius with The Woobles Zero To Hero Bundle

From reducing stress to teaching patience and perseverance, use the only crochet kit designed for beginners to get your kid started on their new hobby today!

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