Wooble office hours

Got a Woobles crochet kit and need a little boost?

Email help@thewoobles.com or text 838-WOO-BLES.

Still stuck?

Sign up for free virtual office hours with Wooble expert, Hannah. (It'll be a video call, but it'll be one that you actually want to be in. Promise.)

To make the most of your 30 minutes with Hannah:

  • come with your kit
  • join the video call on a computer, laptop, or really anything with a big ol' screen. The bigger, the better to see her demos with.
  • please turn your video on as well, so that she can see what you're doing and get you wooblin' on your way!

To book time with Hannah, first email help@thewoobles.com or text 838-WOO-BLES with a photo or video of what you need help with. We can actually answer most crochet questions that way! 

crochet instructor hannah

Meet Hannah

Hi! I'm Hannah and I'm based in Buffalo, NY. I've always loved being creative and for most of my life that was with movement in dance and now aerial arts. I learned to crochet from the penguin crochet kit by The Woobles and fell in love immediately! I had found my window into the crochet world with these adorable little plushies. The joy and excitement it brings to my friends and family when I make an amigurumi for a birthday or holiday motivated me to become an instructor.