Crochet tutorials

With these beginner-friendly photo and video tutorials for crochet, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make your first crochet plushie.


Hold a hook and yarn

First things first, learn how to hold a crochet hook in one hand and yarn in the other.

Parts of a crochet stitch

Front loops, back loops, both loops, posts, and how to count stitches.

Yarn over (yo)

Learn what it means to yarn over – the most basic building block of almost every stitch.

Read a crochet pattern

Learn how to understand crochet pattern instructions.

Use a stitch marker

How to count rounds, and use stitch markers to keep track of where you are.

Right vs wrong side of crochet

Once you’ve crocheted a few rounds, you work will naturally curve. But which side is right or wrong?

Crochet in rows

How to create a slip knot, crochet a foundation chain, and the following rows

Undo stitches

Made a mistake? Don't sweat it. Learn how to undo your mistakes and get back on track.

Crochet stitches

Magic loop

Also known as a magic ring, magic circle, adjustable ring, or drawstring ring. This is a popular way to start round crochet pieces.

Slip knot

This is the first step to begin some crochet techniques, such as a chain or slip stitch join.

Foundation chain

Learn the basic technique to start flat crochet pieces

Chain (ch)

Another quick crochet stitch, often used to create loops like basket handles, or embellishments like doll hair.

Turning chain (ch 1 & turn)

Use this technique to crochet new rows.

Slip stitch (sl st)

One of the quickest stitches in crochet, often used as part of the technique to fasten off a round crochet piece.

Single crochet (sc)

The basic stitch for crochet, including amigurumi.

Increase (inc)

Single crochet twice into the same stitch, to make your piece grow larger. Learn both the regular increase and invisible increase.

Decrease (dec)

Reduce the size of your piece by turning two stitches into one. Learn both the regular decrease and invisible decrease.

Change colors

Learn how to change colors less noticeably when crocheting in the round.

Half double crochet (hdc)

This stitch is the halfway point between a single and double crochet stitch.

Double crochet (dc)

The double crochet stitch is twice the height of a single crochet stitch.

Bobble stitch (dc5tog)

Crochet 5 double crochet stitches together to create a bobble stitch.

Crochet an oval

Circles, rectangles, and now ovals, oh my!

Finishing touches

Add safety eyes

Also known as craft eyes, these are small pieces of round plastic that give life to your toys.

Stuff amigurumi

Two ways to stuff amigurumi to keep your piece looking smooth.

Fasten off

When you're done crocheting a piece, fasten off to keep your stitches secure. Then follow the tutorials below to either weave in the yarn tail or use it to sew this piece onto another. 

Finish amigurumi

How to fasten off and weave in the yarn tails of a self-contained piece of amigurumi, like a ball.

Invisible fasten off for open edges

How to fasten off, and prep a piece where the edge will be visible and even when attached to another piece.

Finish a row

How to end a piece crocheted in rows.

Sew amigurumi parts together

Now that you have all the pieces of your amigurumi, learn how to sew them together, also known as joining amigurumi.

Embroider details

How to embroider details onto your amigurumi securely, and with no ends visible.