Private & corporate virtual workshops

Learn to crochet with your team, friends, or all of the above! No need to leave the comfort of home – all Woobles workshops are done via Zoom or your video conferencing software of choice. Gather your fellow future crocheters to learn a hands-on skill in a fun and safe environment. 

During this 1-hour beginner workshop, you'll learn how to crochet the Two Peas in a Pod Kit. By the end of the workshop, you'll know how to:

  • Read a crochet pattern
  • Identify and count stitches
  • Hold a crochet hook and yarn
  • Make a slip knot and foundation chain
  • Crochet single crochet and increase stitches
  • Use a stitch marker

What's in a workshop?

  • Two Peas in a Pod KitEach attendee will be mailed a kit with a crochet hook
  • 1 hour of class time: We'll cover the basics of crochet, and the techniques you'll need to know to make it through your first few stitches.
  • $65 per person: Minimum of 10 people, and maximum of 15
  • 100% mastery guaranteed: If you're not 100% confident in your crocheting skills after this class, instructor and The Woobles founder Justine, will work with you after class to make sure you get there 💪

Ready to book? Reach out to to sort out scheduling and mailing addresses.

What past participants say

workshop participant's finished 2 peas in a pod
workshop participant's flat crochet piece
workshop participant's finished pea with a dog
workshop participant's finished peas in a pod
"Justine's workshop was accessible, well-organized, and so much fun! I had never even held a crochet needle before, so this was a great way to start, and the final product was so cute and motivating. I personally liked that the structure of two separate 1-hour sessions gave us time to practice our single crochet stitch on our own, on the pod piece, before adding more techniques (increase and decrease) for the peas." - Samantha

Justine made learning to crochet easy and fun! I had tried to learn to crochet on my own before and couldn't quite get the hang of it. Justine walked me through how to count my stitches and fix my mistakes, and now I've got a super cute amigurumi!" – Ashley

"The Woobles crochet class was fantastic! Prior to taking the class, I had attempted to teach myself crochet using a book unsuccessfully. Justine made it easy and fun! Her class was extremely informative, and I was better able to understand exactly crochet works and it’s applications. She was extremely patient and thorough taking the time to answer all my questions. Her deep knowledge made learning how to crochet much easier, and working through the actual stitches was a breeze! Especially compared to my previous experience. In addition, Justine kept it enjoyable, light-hearted, and entertaining! I am now a crochet convert and I have a cute penguin to boot!" – Brigitte

"The class was great and the instructor was a) knowledgeable, b) helpful, c) personable. The kit sent was very complete and made me feel like I can have something to be proud of by the end. Definitely enjoyed this class." – Wendy

"THANK YOU this was so fun and I'm so psyched" – Emma

Past clients