Our story

At The Woobles, we believe that everyone can make. 

Some of us just need a little more encouragement along the way 😊 

That's why we made crochet kits for absolute beginners – to encourage people to learn new skills, work with their hands, and have something they can call their very own.  

How it started

The Woobles was started in 2018 by Justine, a designer and lifelong trier of new things. She started crocheting in 2015, after visiting a friend’s childhood home. His mom had crocheted what seemed like everything – blankets, baskets, little jar cozies, ... What was this magical craft that could make anything from bath rugs to rock doilies? And what is the purpose of rock doilies? She had to learn.

A few months later, she crocheted her first amigurumi as a thank you gift for a friend. She discovered that even just a photo of it, lumpy and misshapen as all first amigurumi are, would light up people's eyes. Ever the maker, she set out to design her own patterns, and encourage others to join her on this crochet journey.

We can't wooble without you

The Woobles is a long-time dream in the making, made possible with your support ❤️  We always love hearing from you. You can send any questions or feedback to hello@thewoobles.com.

You can also contact us on Facebook and Instagram, or follow us on Pinterest.

Interested in workshop? Reach out to workshop@thewoobles.com