The ears

Ready to up the ante? We're going to make a smaller magic loop and change colors. Grab the black yarn and keep the orange yarn handy, then watch this video to see how to make this teeny tiny magic loop followed by a color change:

Here's the written pattern:

Round 1: (black) 4 sc in magic loop (4)
Round 2:
(orange) inc x 4
Round 3:
8 sc


If you're having trouble seeing the stitches in this teeny tiny black magic loop, use the 3 stitch markers that came in your kit and mark the stitches as you make them.

Invisible fasten off with a long tail, and don't stuff. With the opening facing the body, squish the sides flat. Use the yarn tail to attach each ear spanning rounds 3-6.

But hold up! The way you sew the ear on is different from how you sewed the snout and belly on, since this is a 3D piece going onto another 3D piece:

For the final furry touch, embroider some inner ear fuzz using white yarn: