Two Peas in a Pod Kit

Woobles two peas in a pod pattern

1. Check your materials

2 peas in a pod materials

Here’s what’s in your kit:

  1. 4mm hook (if you paid the additional charge)
  2. Stitch marker attached to green yarn
  3. Tapestry needle
  4. 8mm safety eyes
  5. Poly-fil stuffing
  6. White yarn
  7. Pink yarn
  8. Black yarn
  9. Green yarn, with some stitches already made and a stitch marker attached

You might not know yet what all these materials are for, but fret not, it will all be revealed soon. The only other thing you’ll need is scissors, and you’re good to go!

2. Download the pattern

Get the instructions for the Two Peas in a Pod

3. Watch the tutorials

Completely new to crochet? Check out the video below to learn how to crochet the first few stitches of your Woobles crochet kit. You’ll learn:

👋 Are you a lefty? Watch the quick start video for lefties instead.

Want to undo or redo your stitches?

Mistakes happen, even to the best of us. If you want to undo or redo any of your stitches, try to keep the original magic loop together. It's one of the trickiest techniques in crochet, so you'll thank yourself later for keeping it around.

    Once you're done with the peas, you'll need to crochet in rows to make the pea pod. Here's a tutorial that walks you through all the steps of crocheting in rows:

    For more stitches and techniques, check out the rest of our tutorials.

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    4. Share your progress

    We love seeing the Woobles that people create. Tag us on Instagram @thewoobles, so we can cheer you on!