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This crochet kit is your first class ticket to faster travel!

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Crocheting transforms long travel hours into an immersive escape that passes time seamlessly.

Eases travel anxiety

 The soothing rhythm of  crocheting is clinically proven to reduce anxieties and produce a state of calm.

Portable and compact

Craft on the move with our compact, resealable kits, perfectly designed for the traveling artisan.

Over 250,000 new crafters


A wonderful way to relieve travel anxiety!

"Traveling with the Woobles has been a game-changer. Crocheting soothes my nerves, makes the hours fly by, and I end up with a charming keepsake. Give it a try – it's truly worthwhile!"

Wait, but I’ve never crocheted before...

Neither did they!

Try The Woobles now

The only crochet kit designed for beginners

EVERYTHING is included

No additional supplies needed. 

It comes pre-started

The hardest part is the start. That's why we get it out of your way.

Videos for every step

Short and easy-to-follow for complete beginners.

Beginner-proof yarn

Our Easy Peasy Yarn is specially designed to enhance stitch visibility and reduce do-overs.

3,000+ five star reviews!


"I knew nothing on how to crochet. I had tried a different kit from Amazon it it didn’t really teach me. Then I tried this one and it was so good and easy. It taught me step by step what to do. I love this kit and general brand so much! Thanks Woobles!"

Verified customer


“Crocheting has been a great way for me to unwind after a long day at work, and The Woobles has made it so easy to get started. Their patterns are so fun and colorful, and I love being able to create something beautiful with my own hands.”


Verified customer

Absolutely LOVE these kits!

"This was the perfect way to learn to crochet. The instructions are easy to follow and the videos are detailed and geared to the beginner. The yarn is easy to work with and doesn’t split. I’ve given some kits as gifts and everyone loves them."


Verified customer

The best kits to start with

Penguin Crochet Kit

(1,000+ reviews)


Dino Crochet Kit

(260+ reviews)


Disco Fred Crochet Kit

(72+ reviews)


Fox Crochet Kit

(220+ reviews)


Frequently Asked Questions


Based on 3,500+ reviews

Andrea D.

Verified customer

Pierre the Penguin

Pierre was the first Wooble to capture my heart…and maintain my short attention span! His tutorials were simple and easy enough to repeat when I got to a place where I was struggling. He is a perfect intro kit which helps in learning stitching, starting round things, and attaching pieces together! I am “hooked”, fishing and crochet puns intended 😉, on these kits and have recommended them to so many! Pierre is the best place to start your Wooble journey! (And cool crocheting too of course)

Kate B.

Verified customer

Gertrude the Llama

At the end of the day, after work, I love to unwind and crochet is the best way to do so. I love those little kits because they have everything that you need, it is very convenient, doesn't take much time and easy enough for anyone to work with.

Tessa B.

Verified customer

Fred the Dinosaur

Bought this kit as an absolute beginner, I wanted to learn to crochet and also think dinosaurs are cool. The directions were easy to follow, and I can't wait to get more kits!

Nora K.

Verified customer

Pierre the Penguin

I’ve been wanting to learn how to crochet for years. I tried YouTube videos and even a crochet class, but all I really learned how to make were scarves or potholders. But, then I finally got the Penguin kit. The entire system is BRILLIANT. The way the body is already started for you, the super easy-to-follow videos (and all in short snips, which I LOVE because I never had to hit pause at each step), and SUPER CUTE final product! Love love love!!! And now I want more! Thank you, Woobles!!!

Kaitlyn M.

Verified customer

Gertrude the Llama

I never thought I could learn this mini bobble stitch. Not only did I learn the stitch, but I had so much fun making this! I LOVE my new hobby and ever growing collection of Woobles!

Kelly Y.

Verified customer

Fred the Dinosaur

This is my first time making a stuffy and my second crochet project ever. I made it for my 4 year old, who loves it! The directions were super easy to follow. Definitely would recommend for beginners!

Alice R.

Verified customer

Pierre the Penguin

I have tried to learn how to crochet many times over the years, but was never successful - being left handed none of my right handed friends or relatives could help me! Now, with this kit I have it down! The videos were great and it was nice to be able to go back and review concepts. These are great kits!

Who are The Woobles? 

The Woobles is actually about more than just crochet. It’s about proving to yourself that you can always learn something new. Changing how you see yourself and your potential to grow. And building the confidence that you can take on whatever comes your way.

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