Using Crochet to Bring People Together: Meet Thersha Lewis

Crochet may seem like just a craft, but for Thersha Lewis, it's a way to connect with others and bring joy to her family. As a member of the Combat Knitters, Thersha discovered the benefits of knitting for relaxation and stress relief, but she found her true passion in crochet. When she stumbled upon The Woobles, Thersha couldn't resist trying it out. Now, her son's collection of her finished crochet projects has become a cherished part of their family life. If you're on the fence about learning to crochet, Thersha has some words of encouragement for you. This week on the March Meet the Maker series, Thersha shares her crochet journey and her favorite Woobles.

What got you hooked on crochet?

Thersha: I met a group of people called the Combat Knitters. They told me knitting is relaxing and is a way to melt away stress, anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. A new member arrived, and they taught me how to crochet in under 10 minutes. Crocheting provides the same benefits as knitting, and it was easier for me to navigate the one hook vs two needles. I've been hooked ever since.

An African-American woman holding dinosaur and turtle crochet plushies, standing next to her son who's holding penguin and yeti plushies

How did you come across The Woobles? What encouraged you to try it out?

Thersha: I was on Facebook and saw an ad for cute crochet animals with a "Keep Your Tin Up" coupon code for a wee woobly bits tin 🤣 So clever!

What’s your favorite Wooble?

Thersha: My favorites are Disco Fred and Emilio the Turtle. My son's favorites are Pierre the Penguin and Howard the Yeti (though he loves every one I've made).

An African-American woman in a car holding a multi-colored dinosaur crochet plushie in her right hand and a turtle crochet plushie on her head

What do you do with your finished crochet projects?

Thersha: I take a picture of my completed project and then my son makes them a part of his Best Friends for Life (BFFL) collection. He takes them EVERYWHERE: on walks, to school, and to visit family & friends. I sometimes have to babysit them. Or are they babysitting me? 🤔

An African-American woman holding dinosaur and turtle crochet plushies, standing next to her son who's holding penguin and yeti plushies


What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about trying to learn to crochet?

Thersha: Do it! You deserve a pause from your everyday routine, and you may just surprise yourself with what/who you may create.

A turtle and dinosaur crochet plushie hanging on a car's front mirror

Thersha has demonstrated that one can learn to crochet in less than 10 minutes and that it provides an opportunity to break away from everyday routine and create something meaningful. She finds joy in turning her creations into part of her son's Best Friends for Life (BFFL) collection - a collection of Woobles he takes everywhere with him. We hope that reading about Thersha's story has inspired you to try out crochet. If you're curious to try crochet, but don't know where to start – we've got the perfect solution! Our beginner-friendly crochet kits have everything a novice needs for success: all the materials you'll need, step-by-step video tutorials, easy patterns, and a pre-started piece so you can jump right into your first crochet project! And don't despair if you’re not yet confident enough to dismantle the patterns - our unlimited email support has your back when things get a bit tangled.

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