How to make a magic loop

The magic loop is a popular way to begin amigurumi because it’s the only method to begin a round piece that guarantees no hole. It’s also known as the magic ring, magic circle, adjustable ring, or adjustable loop.

Step-by-step photos

Yarn looped in an X around pointer and middle finger of left hand

1. Wrap the yarn around your index and middle fingers in an X, so that the working yarn is on top of the tail.

Hook under upper right-hand side of X, and over upper left-hand side of X

2. Put the hook under the top-right part of the X, and grab the other side of the X.

2 loops around pointer and middle finger, with a smaller loop around hook

3. Pull it through the magic loop, and twist it to make a small loop around the hook.

Right hand holding hook and intersection of all of the yarn

4. Take the magic loop off of your hand, taking care to hold it where the yarn overlaps.

Holding onto big loop with left hand, while yarning over

5. Now hold the hook and yarn as you normally would, keeping the tail against the magic loop, to the left of your stitches. Chain 1.

Completed slip stitch on magic loop

6. This chain doesn’t count as one of the stitches in the magic loop.

Hook inserted in big loop with yarn over

7. Now you’ll make your first single crochet stitch. Insert the hook through the magic loop from the front to the back, under both the magic loop and the tail, and yarn over.

Small loop on hook drawn through big loop

8. Pull the yarn through the magic loop, under both the tail and the magic loop. The hook should have 2 loops, and be in front of the magic loop.

Completed single crochet on magic loop

9. Yarn over, and pull through both loops on the hook. This completes your first single crochet in the magic loop!

6 completed single crochets in magic loop

10. Repeat steps #7-9 until you have as many stitches as the pattern calls for.

Pulling yarn tail while holding onto rest of magic loop

11. Tug on the tail to close the hole in the middle of the work. Just like magic 🔮

Completed magic loop with no hole in center

12. This is an example of a magic loop with 6 single crochets in it.


💡As you single crochet, it’s important to hold onto the tail and magic loop as close to the stitch as possible. This makes it easier to control the yarn and hook, and keeps your stitches even and correctly oriented.

💡If you’re having trouble pulling on the tail to close the hole, your stitches might be twisted. Make sure the horizontal V’s consistently face outwards like in step #12 by following the previous tip.