How to bobble stitch (dc5tog)

The bobble stitch is created by crocheting 5 double crochet (dc) stitches together, which is why it's sometimes abbreviated as dc5tog. Watch the video for a demo:

How to bobble stitch in crochet (step-by-step with photos)

1. Do a double crochet stitch so that there are two loops left on the hook. You’ve completed the first dc of five.
2. Yarn over.3. Insert the hook in the same hole that the first dc went into.
4. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through the stitch to draw up a loop.
5. There should be four loops on the hook.6. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through only the first two loops on the hook.
7. There should be three loops left on the hook.8. Repeat steps 2–6 three more times, until you have six loops on the hook.
9. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through all six loops on the hook.
10. There should be one loop left on the hook. Make sure the final bump faces the outside of your work


If you need to double crochet together a different number of stitches, just change the number of times you repeat steps 2–7. You want to end with one more loop on the hook than the number of dc you’re crocheting together. For example, to dc4tog, stop when you have five loops on the hook.

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