How to finish amigurumi

A closed piece is a crochet piece that's meant to be completely self-contained. Put another way – when it's done, there should be no way to put stuffing inside it. A round closed piece usually ends with a series of decrease stitches. More often than not, there's still a hole in the middle of the piece even after you've crocheted this final round. Watch the video below to learn how to sew this hole closed, and weave in your yarn tails to keep your yarn nice and secure:

How to finish off amigurumi (step-by-step with photos)

1. Finish the last stitch and cut the yarn so that the yarn tail is at least 6 inches long.
2. Pull the remaining loop until there’s no loop left.3. Thread a needle with the yarn tail. If you have a gap in the middle of the ball, insert the needle through the front loops of each stitch from the
bottom up. Pull tight each time you bring the needle through a loop.
4. Hide the yarn tail in the piece by putting the needle through the middle of the circle you just closed and out some other point on the piece.

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