How to sew amigurumi parts together for lefties

Almost all amigurumi require pieces to be put together, whether that’s an arm to a body or a beak to head. The method below explains how to join an open piece to a closed piece. With this method, the seam and remaining yarn tail should be invisible.

How to join amigurumi pieces (step-by-step with photos)

1. Invisible fasten off the piece being sewn on
(Piece A).
2. Hold Piece A on top of the other piece (Piece B),
with the “right side” visible. Thread a needle with Piece
A’s yarn tail from the invisible fasten off. Insert the needle
into Piece B right under the point where the yarn tail came
out from. Pull it out of Piece B one stitch over, fol-
lowing the edge of the Piece A. Pull the yarn tight
after every step.


Use pins to hold Piece A in place as you sew it on.

3. Insert the needle under the top loops of Piece A
from the bottom up, directly above where it came
out of Piece B.
4. Bring the needle over the top loops of the same
stitch on Piece A and insert it into the same hole it
just came out of.
5. Pull it out of Piece B one stitch over, following
the edge of Piece A.

6. Repeat steps 3–5 until all of Piece A is sewn
onto Piece B. To finish, hide the yarn tail in the

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