How to undo stitches in the round

Everyone makes mistakes and luckily, crochet is very forgiving. Maybe you've forgotten where you're at in a pattern, or the number of stitches in the round doesn't match the pattern, or you simply think your crochet piece could look better. Whatever the reason, it's very easy to undo crochet stitches, and if you use a stitch marker to mark your rounds, it's also easy to troubleshoot as well. The tutorial below shows you how to safely undo your stitches so that you always know where you are.

How to undo crochet stitches(step-by-step with photos)

1. Identify the stitch you want to keep.2. With your right hand, hold onto the top loops of the stitch you want to keep.
3. With your left hand, slowly pull on the working yarn until the only loop left is the loop coming out of the stitch you want to keep.
4. Put the hook in this loop to continue crocheting.


When you first feel a stitch coming undone, you’ll probably be left with at least two loops. This means you haven’t undone the whole stitch yet! Keep pulling until you only have one loop left. That loop should come out of the stitch you want to keep.

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