How to make a slip knot left-handed

A slip knot is the first step in starting any project. It's a simple knot that's easy to tie and can be undone quickly by pulling on the end of the yarn. It’s also great tying off ends, or even just making a loop in your yarn.

Making the slip knot left-handed (step-by-step with photos)

1. Lay the yarn out horizontally on a table, with the yarn tail on the right.
2. Cross the yarn tail over the working yarn.3. Pick up the right side of the loop and flip it over the crossing point. The working yarn should be behind the middle of the loop.

4. Pick up the working yarn in the middle of the loop with your left hand.
5. Pull on the yarn tail with your right hand until a slip knot forms.
6. Put the loop on the hook, with the knot to the right of the hook. Pull on the working yarn to make the loop smaller.

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