Prototype instructions

Oh hai friend. Since I'm testing this kit design, some of the stuff you'll see in the next few pages are a bit rough / not what the actual experience will be like. For example, the fact that this page is a letter from me :) 

Here's a recap of the testing instructions:

  1. Try to complete the kit within a week of receiving it
  2. Take note of anything you found hard or confusing. No detail is too small!
  3. Tell me when you’re free to talk for 15 minutes. Let’s talk no later than Saturday, 11/21. The closer we can talk relative to when you finish the kit, the better.
  4. Treat this like you would if you actually bought the kit. So reach out to me if you really would’ve done so anyhoos, or give up if you hit a point where you would’ve realistically thrown your hands up in the air and called it quits.

Thanks again, I’m excited to see how your Wooble turns out!

- Justine