Whip stitch in crochet

The whip stitch is an essential crochet technique that is used to join two pieces of fabric together. It's also sometimes called an overcast stitch or an oversewing stitch and can be used for both decorative purposes and for joining seams.Even though it’s called a stitch, a “whip stitch” is a sewing technique that uses a needle. It’s used to sew two edges with the same number of stitches together. For this technique, always pull the needle through stitches in the same direction.

Watch the video below to learn how to do the whip stitch.

How to do the whip stitch in crochet (step-by-step with photos)

1. Thread a needle with the yarn tail. Line up the two edges that’ll be sewn together. Insert the needle under the top loops of the other piece’s edge, starting from the same end as the yarn tail. Remember to pull tight after every whip stitch.
2. Insert the needle under the top loops of the next pair of stitches on opposite pieces. Remember to insert the needle in the same direction as the previous step.
3. Repeat step 3 until you’ve whip stitched together all the top loops. Weave in the yarn tail on the “wrong side” of the piece.

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