How to start an oval in crochet

If a pattern tells you to rotate your foundation chain and crochet on the other side of the chain, that’s code for: crochet an oval.Crocheting an oval involves crocheting on both sides of a foundation chain and putting multiple single crochet stitches at the ends of the chain. It can be tricky to see where to put your hook in the foundation chain, so watch the video below for a demo:

How to crochet an oval (step-by-step with photos)

1. Crochet a foundation chain with as many ch as the pattern calls for.
2. Follow the pattern’s instructions for the next
row. Remember that the first sc goes under the back loop of the second ch from the hook, and that all stitches in a foundation chain go through the back loops only.
3. At some point, the pattern will tell you to crochet a bunch of stitches in the last stitch of the foundation chain, and then rotate the piece so you
can work on the other side of the foundation chain. Rotate the piece clockwise, until the other side of the foundation chain is facing up.
4. Crochet the rest of the round under the unworked front loops of the foundation chain.

An oval with 4 foundation chain stitches

This is what an oval that started with 4 ch looks like.


To help you stay oriented, put a stitch marker under the first sc.

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