How to crochet a turning chain

Since crochet is always worked in one direction, once you've reached the end of a row, you'll need to turn your work so that you can continue crocheting in that same direction. Watch this video to learn how to move onto the next row when crocheting a flat piece of single crochet stitches:

How to crochet a turning chain (step-by-step with photos)

1. Make a chain stitch.2. Flip your piece like the page of a book, until your piece is on the other side of the loop on the hook.

3. For the next stitch, put the hook under the top loops of the stitch two stitches away from the hook.


The ch in the “ch 1 and turn” is just there to add height to the row. It doesn’t count as a stitch, so it isn’t added to the total number of stitches in the row.

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