Meet two in-crochet-ible Young Wooblers: Emari and Elyse

This week, our Meet the Maker series continues with a double whammy, as we meet two exceptional Wooblers - 12-year old Emari and 9-year old Elyse. Get to know more about these talented young girls, and learn about how they discovered The Woobles and why they love it so much today!

What got you hooked on crochet?

Emari: I enjoy crafting things and my mom crochets. I've always thought it was neat. I tried making a chain a few times, but that was as far as I got.

12-year old girl crocheting an amigurumi plushie using The Woobles' white Easy Peasy yarn

Elyse: I like to make things for my Barbies and stuffed animals. I've always loved the crochet things my mom makes and wanted to learn.

Young girl in blue pajamas crocheting a magic loop using The Woobles' yellow Easy Peasy yarn

How did you come across The Woobles? What encouraged you to try it out?

Emari: We came across The Woobles with my grandma. We watched the video about it and loved the little animals! Since it was step-by-step with video, we thought we could try it! We love all little animal plushies, so we knew we would love the finished product.

Elyse: We found a video advertisement for The Woobles. The little animals were so cute and we told our grandma we wanted to try it!

Two young sisters standing side-by-side in front of a white door and showing their chick and owl amigurumi plushies

What’s your favorite Wooble?

Emari: My favorite Wooble that I've made is Henri the Frog. I really want to make Jojo the Bunny or the Love Birds — they are so cute!

Elyse: My favorite Wooble is Bubbles the Elephant, the one I'm currently working on. I would love to be able to do Sebastian the Lion in the future.

What do you do with your finished crochet projects?

Emari: We sleep with our Woobles at night and play with them and our other plushies during the day. They have become part of our collection.

A young girl sleeping with her handmade green frog and white owl amigurumi plushies

Elyse: I sleep with Kiki the Chick and play with it with my sister and our other plushies.

A young girl sleeping with her yellow amigurumi chick plushie

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about trying to learn to crochet?

Emari: I think you should definitely try it! With all the step-by-step videos and determination to not give up, you can do it. I recommend Pierre the Penguin for your first one.

Elyse: I would tell anyone to try The Woobles because it comes with everything you need and the videos are so helpful. Plus the finished animal is so cute!

A green frog, white owl and yellow chick plushie in a make-believe restaurant setting with water and biscuits

It’s been so much fun getting to know Emari and Elyse. We hope you enjoyed learning about them as much as we did. If you’d like to learn more about what the Woobles offers, check out our range of learn-to-crochet kits and beginner-friendly tutorials. And stay tuned for next week when we’ll be introducing another one of the talented Wooblers.

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A pinnable image of two young Wooblers standing in front of a white door with their yellow chick and white owl plushies

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